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White Oak Precision Service Rifle Uppers

Our service rifle uppers are what we believe to be the best available. They are put to the test every weekend by many of the best service rifle competitors in the nation, and they pass the test. Many State, Regional, and National titles have been won by competitors using our service rifle uppers.

White Oak Precision Complete Service Rifle Upper

While copied by several others, our rear sight modification is still the gold standard that the others try to live up to. We have been improving the AR rear sight with the addition of hardened steel tracking pins for longer than anyone. And while the others stop there, that was just the beginning for us. Since 1996, we have been tightening tolerances, adding new features, using better parts, and improving the sight all around to insure that you have the most repeatable sights available for service rifle competition.

Our float tube uses heavy walled tubing for strength and added weight. The end cap is securely welded to the tube, as is the sling swivel lug. You will not flex or break this tube.

We use Krieger barrels in 1:7 or 1:7.7 twist on our uppers. These are top quality, hand lapped barrels that will give you the accuracy needed to compete at the top levels of competition. We have several choices of chambers to suit your needs.

WOP2a - Post-Ban Choice of 7 or 7.7 twist .052, .062, or .072 Front Sight Post           $1020.00

WOP2b - Pre-Ban   Choice of 7 or 7.7 twist .052, .062, or .072 Front Sight Post           $1035.00

Features Standard on a White Oak Precision Service Rifle

The White Oak Precision rear sight eliminates unwanted movement on all axes by combination of quality White Oaks Famous Rear Sight!parts and meticulous assembly. Two hardened steel tracking pins are fitted down through the sight base and into the receiver, preventing rotational play of the rear sight. The tracking pins also allow the elimination of the detent ball and spring on the left side of the base, greatly improving repeatability. The elevation thread fit to the receiver is held to close tolerances; this, along with a second elevation wheel ball detent, will prevent lateral movement of the rear sight base. The sight base screw and the windage screw are precision machined to our specifications.

The rear sight leaf is threaded to allow for interchangable aperture inserts. A sight hood is also available. Windage and elevation are available in 1/4 MOA and 1/2 MOA adjustments.

Barrels on all White Oak Precision service rifle uppers are profiled, threaded, and chambered in-house. This allows us to control the quality of the work and allows us to offer you choices in barrel manufacturer, twist rate, and chamber specs.
White Oak Precision Service Rifle Barrel
A windage adjustable front sight base is standard on the White Oak Precision service rifle upper. The front sight base is forged and machined to our specifications. Windage Adjustable Foresight BaseOpposing set screws are installed in the front of the base to allow for windage adjustment. A single set screw comes up through the bottom of the rear of the base to lock it in place and form a tight seal at the gas port. Choice of .052, .062, ot a .072 front sight post. The top and sides of the post are tapered to provide a sharp sight picture. A set screw is installed under the sight post to lock it into place. We adjust the front sight base for windage to center the rear sight during test firing on all of our service rifle uppers.

White Oak Precision service rifle uppers are availble in pre-ban and post-ban configurations. Pre-ban rifles will have a bayonet lug on the front sight base and an A2 style flash hider. Post-ban will have an 11 degree target crown.
Pre-Ban & Post-Ban Uppers Available Pre-Ban & Post-Ban Uppers Available
The White Oak Precision service rifle float tube is precision machined on CNC equipment and is the best and strongest available. WOP Service Rifle Float TubeThe sling swivel lug is welded, not soldered, and the end cap is welded all the way around for added strength. The bottom of the sling swivel lug is machined to allow access to the set screw in the bottom of the front sight housing. One inch of thread engagement between the barrel nut and tube give good alignment as well as strength. Precision CNC machining ensures that the threads are straight and have a proper fit. This ensures that your barrel is in the center of the tube, not off to one side. The top of the tube is machined to allow clearance for the gas tube. Heavy walled tubing adds weight to the rifle. The barrel nut is machined to allow barrels up to 1.050" diameter to be installed without modifications to the barrel or barrel nut.





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