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White Oak Precision Adjustable Buttstock

WOP Stock Adjustments

The White Oak Precision Adjustable Buttstock is adjustable for:

A) Buttplate Height
B) Cast-Off/On, 0-2"
C) Length of Pull 9-16" (AR15 measured from trigger)
D) Buttplate Yaw
E) Camber
F) Cheekpeice Height

The buffer tube and buttplate assembly are made of steel and have a parkerized finish. Reference marks have been machined on the buffer tube and buttplate length of pull rod for repeatable adjustments. The checkpiece housing and buttplate hanger are aluminum with an anodized finsh. The cheekpiece height adjustment assembly features a click indexed elevation wheel. The cheekpiece does interfere with charging handle operation, so a carrier mounted handle is highly recommended. The complete assembly, with buffer and spring, weighs in at four pounds.

The White Oak Precision Adjustable Buttplate is available for the AR15 and AR10; in righthand and lefthand models. The AR10 kit has a shorter buffer tube which makes it well suited for Tubegun owners.



White Oak Precision Adjustable Buttstock  




















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