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Reloading Information

The following are loads that have worked well for myself and some of the more successful shooters. A wealth of 90 grain JLK reloading information can be found on German Salazar's, Florida Highpower Forum. Also be sure to see Walt Radomski's 'Reloading Stuph' page on his New Jersey Highpower Rifle website.

69 gr Sierra (overall length 2.25")

Powder Type
Reloader 15
24.0 to 24.8
This is my favorite load with the 69 grain bullet. It is extremely accurate and consistant. Very good velocity.
24.0 to 25.0
Very accurate. You may have trouble obtaining the velocity of faster burning powders. Also, Varget powder burns dirtier than Reloader 15.
AA 2460 23.5 to 24.0 Very accurate and excellent load. It is a ball powder, so it measures very well. No chronograph data.
Hogdon 4895 24.0 Shoots very well, but it does not meter very well, as it is a medium stick powder.

80 gr. Sierra (overall length 2.450 to 2.485, depending on lot)
(allow for .005" - .015" jump)

Powder Type
Reloader 15 23.5 to 24.4 My pet 80gr load. Very accurate, good velocity, and clean burning.
Varget 23.5 to 24.5 Compressed load. You will not get the velocity of the faster powders.
AA 2460 22.8 to 23.3 Ball powder. No need to weigh charges, even for 600 yard loads. Meters very uniformly. No chronograph data, but shoots very well.
Hogdon 4895 22.5 to 23.2 Accurate; good velocity. This is a very good 600 yard load. You will probably want to weigh charges, as it does not meter as well as other powders.

I use Remington 7-1/2 primers, but Federal work fine also. Winchester primers have a tendency to pierce, so I do not recommend them.

Please note there is a lot of variation in the weight of .223 Remington cases. A load that is safe in an R-P case, which is light, may be too hot in a Federal (heavy) case. Please keep this in mind when changing manufacturers of brass.

Just remember, the .223 Remington is a great cartridge, but a .22-250 it is not! Moderate loads will give you good accuracy and very long case life (typically 10-12 reloads), and most importantly, will win matches.

Good luck and good shooting! John Holliger




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